In today’s world, more and more business owners are recognizing the role that social media marketing can play in helping them connect with prospects in an authentic, casual manner that metabolizes conversion and customer retention. If you’re exploring your social media marketing options right now, make sure that you begin thinking about the role that Instagram might play in making your brand more visible, authoritative, and dynamic. Below you’ll find just five of many marketing strategies that you can utilize to build a bigger audience via Instagram:


  1. Participate In Your Community.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to build your Instagram audience is by participating in your community. This strategy works for many reasons. One is that it gives people an opportunity to see your personality and get to know you in a manner that merely posting pictures will not allow. Second, joining conversations that are transpiring within the Instagram community can help you gain a clearer, up to date understanding of your target audience’s needs and interests. To make the most of this strategy, make sure that your scope of participation is meaningful. This means that you must move beyond monosyllabic interaction (Hi, Bye, Yes, No). Show people that you’re really paying attention to what they’re saying by really digging into their comments and offering thoughtful replies.



  1. Repost Local Content.

Another strategy you can implement to expand your Instagram audience is reposting the local content that has already been published by your followers, other business owners, or famous people who live in your area. This technique works for multiple reasons. First, it can cause the individual who created the original to feel good and subsequently mention you on their Instagram page. This could lead to your acquisition of wonderful business partners who will help you build your brand in a wide range of incredible ways. Second, this technique can enable you to cultivate an inclusive, community-oriented image for your brand.


  1. Keep Your Brand Identity Consistent.

Another strategy you can deploy to optimize results from your Instagram efforts is keeping your brand identity consistent. This technique is incredibly important because it increases the likelihood that your audience will recognize and remember your brand. This process, which is referred to as brand recognition, is typically a precursor to conversion. As such, make sure that you are including the same logo, images, and other brand identifiers across all platforms.



  1. Don’t Get Trapped In The World Of Blanket Posting.

While keeping your brand identity consistent across all platforms is imperative if you’re serious about obtaining results, you should also be wary of posting the same thing throughout all online venues. Remember that your audience is likely plugged into more than one of the online platforms that you use to communicate with them. Thus if you’re posting the same content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you’ll likely leave your audience bored.



  1. Include The Link In Your Bio.

Including a link in your bio is important because it redirects your audience to your website. This is a business-building step because your website is likely the online medium that people utilize to make purchases, ask your customer service representatives questions, or access content that they will in turn share with the individuals in their social media networks. The link can also give members of your target audience an opportunity to access your contact information if you’ve listed that on the website. Keep in mind that your website must be in exemplary condition for you to attain optimal results with this strategy.





If you’re trying to cultivate a big audience through Instagram, know that there are wide range of business-building strategies you can implement to make it happen. Five of them are outlined above. Start using these strategies immediately so your Instagram account can become exceptionally engaging and inviting.

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