It seems like everyone these days has Instagram. From models to restaurants and everything in between, Instagram is a great way to get your brand’s name out there. While Instagram is a great medium to express your brand, there are ways that you can ensure your posts will receive maximum engagement.

By following the tips below, you will be able to cultivate a following for your brand.


Choose a Theme for you Instagram Feed

Everyone knows the importance of taking the time to create good quality images, but did you know that making sure your images match is just as important? An Instagram “theme” allows your brand to speak for itself through coherent colors, tones, and content. Followers expect consistency, and having a theme can ensure they know what they will see if they decide to click follow.

According to Mostly Morgan, an Instagram blogger with 11.6k followers, the best way to choose a theme is to get inspiration from similar accounts. Who is your role model in your industry? Color scheme plays a major role in settling on a theme, because it will be key in determining the vibe followers get from your brand.

Morgan recommends being very critical of each picture before posting. She says, “Just one picture can throw everything off.”



Using Appropriate Hashtags

Relevant hashtags that are related to your content can drive traffic to your brand’s instafeed with little effort. It is also a good idea to create your own unique hashtag for your brand. With a quick search in the Instagram search bar, you will be able to see if the hashtag you have chosen for your brand is already in use or not.

The best way to incorporate hashtags into your post without making them look spammy can be done in the two following ways:


Commenting Hashtags Under The Post

This is a relatively simple and easy way to incorporate your desired hashtags into your post without distracting from the original message. Simply publish the post, then once it is posted, go onto the post and comment your desired hashtags.




Incorporating Comments into the Caption

A new trend on Instagram is to write the hashtags under the caption of the photo by leaving a space under the caption, typing a descending trail of three periods or emojis, and the typing out the desired hashtags. In most cases, this will produce the “show more” option on your caption, allowing readers to only see your hashtags if they click “show more.” This is a fun way to ensure the proper tagging of your photo without the appearance of hashtags interfering with the mood.



Don’t Get Shadowbanned

Sometimes Instagram will shadowban your post if it contains content that it deems inappropriate. You may be thinking that your brand is the farthest thing from inappropriate, however mistakenly using banned hashtags can cause your post to mistakenly be hidden. This means that your post will not be searchable by those who don’t follow you, thus minimizing the engagement and reach of that post.

A great tool to determine whether or not your post has been banned is to run it through here:

Shadowban Tool

Simply type in your username and paste the link to the post (from your desktop Instagram) to see the results. Preview, which is an Instagram design tool, says the way to avoid using banned hashtags is to go under the tag section of Instagram’s search bar, and look for the hashtag you wish to use. If it does not appear it is banned.

Keep in mind that tags may be banned temporarily or permanently.




Using these tools and tips will help your feed gain the attention needed to grow your brand. Always remember that algorithms and trends constantly change, but by posting consistent, quality content, you can reach your desired audience.

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