How important is the quality of a video when viewing it online? These days it seems video is taking the steering wheel when it comes to online media. Companies are pushing their products and ideas through video on social media because that’s where most of the audience is. This method allows for the acceptance of video that maybe isn’t the best quality or of a high resolution like say, television.

Let’s look at YouTube as an example – What is the most important when it comes to a YouTube video? Views, right? Those videos need to be downloaded quickly to garner the types of views a YouTuber or company needs to be a success online. With great content and without the worry of image quality these compressed videos can be downloaded relatively quickly for our viewing pleasure.

Here’s another example – Tasty – you know those videos showing us yummy food recipes in less than 2 minutes? It’s captivating and they make it look so simple. Tasty, a BuzzFeed App, puts videos out on all their social media outlets, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, even Pinterest. These videos are mesmerizing and although they are not at their optimal resolution, it’s the content that keeps us watching and coming back for more.

These two instances are examples of great content, but more than likely the viewer is watching these videos on one of the social media outlets mentioned above, so the quality isn’t a priority. The best part about this is that you, the business owner, does not need to be a media professional or graphic designer to enhance your advertisement with video. For the majority of your video content, you don’t need to concern yourself with the technicalities of quality, what kind of camera you’re using or the type of editing software. If the content is interesting and the customer is viewing it online, then the quality becomes less of a factor. Ask yourself, when you are watching a 30 second video on Facebook does it really matter if it’s not the highest in quality?

It’s really about how quickly you can get these videos to your customers and less about the quality of the videos. It’s not necessary to worry about the high resolution or clarity of your video just focus on the content. Also, remember, the higher the quality of a video the longer it takes to download and not everyone has the fastest connection. Therefore, you want videos that are going to download fast, which usually means a compressed video with less quality. It’s important to note that we shouldn’t ignore the quality of video, but with such a competitive market it’s not necessary to concern yourself with the resolution for smaller advertisements. The positive is, not worrying about the resolution allows you to create more content in a shorter period of time.

Today, in our ever-demanding world, there is no question that companies should be enhancing their advertising with video. Consumers want content readily available at all times and it needs to be fast. It’s not television with a controlled audience anymore and if something is boring, your viewers will swipe right past it and that’s putting the audience in the driver’s seat.

Senior Marketing Analyst
With over 4 years of digital marketing experience Summer has a wide aray of talents which she utilizes on a daily basis in order to help educate clients on all facets of digital marketing. In her free time Summer enjoys hiking, cooking, and surfing. At work she really enjoys annoying her boss, and her favorite season is Summer.