Most content creators would love to create content that has the potential to go viral. But who among them even knows how to do that, create viral content, that is? While there is no paint-by-numbers solution, there are some steps content creators like you can take that will help your content to be more engaging. Content like this requires you to know what you want your content to accomplish. It also requires that you know what appeals to your audience. Here are a few tips to get you started.


1. Know What You Want to Accomplish

In the “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” a very-lost Alice asks the Cheshire Cat where she should go. When he asked her where she wants to get to, she said she didn’t care. He then replied that it didn’t matter which way she went. Content creation is a bit like that. According to an article on, it’s vital that you know where you want your content to go. Do you want it to get you more new subscribers? Do you want people to share it on social media? Would you like to have an increase in sales? Knowing the answers to these questions helps you to tailor your content accordingly.


2. Be Original

Shareable content is original content. No content can be truly innovative. However, you needn’t feel discouraged from the attempt. Quick Sprout points out that original content is content that has your personal stamp on it. It’s your unique take on situations that add originality to them. It’s that personal touch that makes people want to engage with your content and you because they feel like they know you.


3. Take a Hint From Google Keyword Search

If you’re having trouble coming up with a list of topics for your blogs and videos, take a look at Google’s keyword tool. Although you want your content to be original, your creative juices sometimes need a bit of coaxing to bubble up to the surface. The keyword tool will help with that. This tool allows you to research what types of topics the people in your niche are looking for. It shows you the keyword phrases that they’ll use when they search Google and other search engines.

One key thing to remember is that it’s easier to get traffic if you align your content with what people are searching. The keyword tool shows you the words that your potential audience is using to find content that aligns with their desires. The sales are always easier to make if you’re not trying to convince someone to buy. Instead, if you’re aligned with what they already are searching for, the sale comes more natural.

Additionally, a sale can be any positive response to your content. Sometimes, it is an actual product sale. However, it can also be content that gets you more subscribers or social shares.


4. Make Your Content Provocative

Provocative ideas are shareable ideas. They’re also ideas that engage your readers. suggests doing one or more of the following when you want to create content that people will love.

  • Brainstorm with people in your industry. You can engage with these people on social media or meet them at industry meet-and-greets. Shared workspaces are also places to meet people, who can give you a fresh perspective on your industry.
  • Interview industry experts for your blog. This gives you fresh content. It also drives traffic to your site because these thought leaders have fans of their own. These fans will come to your blog to read the post about their favorite industry person and discover you in the process.
  • Read books and review them. Reading industry books bolsters your knowledge. It also draws readers who don’t have time to read books but still want to glean the wisdom from them. Reviewing those books makes you an indispensable resource for your niche.
  • Don’t be afraid to be contrary. Many people will read information that agrees with their worldview. However, a contrarian view gives readers who want to learn more another look at the issue. It also tends to be engaging, especially if it makes you and your readers question their fundamental beliefs.


Final Thoughts on Creating Viral Content

These days, the content you create for your blog can mean getting new readers and more sales. The key is to create original content that satisfies the readers in your niche. Additionally, knowing what you want to accomplish helps you create appropriate content.

Using tools like the Google keyword tool also helps. It allows you to learn what search terms the readers in your niche use to find content that interests them.

Finally, content that is even a bit contrarian will engage readers and help you develop a reputation as an expert in your industry. In turn, this makes content that is shareable and interesting.

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