If you own a vacation property that you rent out, then it is essential that you promote it online. According to the Pew Research Center, over 64 percent of all American adults make vacation reservations online. If you want to increase your bookings, then make sure that you are promoting your vacation property on social media.


Be Active on Facebook

Research shows that travelers trust vacation rental properties 82 percent more if they can research them on Facebook. Additionally, 77 percent of travelers say that they are more likely to stay at a property if they can find the owner on Facebook. You will want to promote your property with only about 20 percent of your posts but try to connect with other exciting events in your community. Using high-quality photos is essential in capturing your audience’s attention offers future visitors reasons to visit.


Use Instagram

When Tiffany started advertising the Beach House on Instagram, she watched her bookings increase dramatically. One key to using Instagram is to connect with the ambiance of the property. For example, Tiffany showcased that her patio is the perfect place to hang out when guests are not at the beach. She proved the cleanliness of her home by capturing a picture of a baby sitting on her kitchen floor. She also went the extra mile by displaying a box of chocolates in one of her photos. In fact, her photos are so stunning that she was able to capture the attention of other sites that chose to introduce her property to their viewers. Considering using Instagram’s carousel to show many different things about your property and all the fun things they can do in your community.


Engage Your Guests on Twitter

Many owners choose to list their properties with Airbnb, and this company has taken to Twitter to encourage guests to stay in one of their listed properties. One way that they did this was to create emotional captions and partner them with beautiful photos with links to their site. The company also used Twitter to introduce their monthly sublet program by providing users with a coupon that they could use when making a purchase. Finally, the company has created gifs showcasing everything that you are able to do when staying in an Airbnb. While an engagement rate between 0.09 and 0.33 percent is standard on Twitter, the company was able to raise their engagement rate to over nine percent. You can follow this company’s example even if you own just one property.


Capture Attention on Pinterest


The visual nature of Pinterest makes it a great place to showcase the beauty of your vacation property, and the community surrounding it. Over 71 percent of users on Pinterest are female, and over 92 percent of women make the family’s vacation plans. Keep in mind that Pinterest frowns upon direct marketing efforts, so make sure that you are a consumer along with producing content for this platform. While you will want to create a board for your vacation property and pin it, you also want to create boards for exciting activities in your area. For example, if your property is near Yellowstone, then create a Yellowstone board. If it is located near a major league ballpark, then create a blog about the team.


Use these four ideas to increase the number of bookings to your vacation property. While it can be challenging to get started, keep in mind that once you build more followers on each platform, your bookings will increase dramatically.

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