In today’s world, social media has emerged as a powerful and increasingly primary medium through which people communicate, shop, promote causes, and engage in other meaningful activities. As a result of this reality, many business owners are interested in learning more about how they can use social media marketing as a medium through which to attract new prospects, retain old clients, and make their brand more authoritative online. If this is the case for you, review the following information regarding social media marketing:


What Is Social Media Marketing?

Although defined broadly, social media marketing is basically the practice of advertising one’s brand on social media channels. Some of those channels might include:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn


The Unique Power Of Social Media

There are many reasons why a business owner should turn to social media upon consideration of which digital marketing strategies would be most prudent to engage in. One of the reasons that social media is so powerful results from the fact that it provides business owners with a medium of communication that tends to be more casual and informal. This reality enables business owners to expedite and optimize the process of building relationships with their prospects and customers.

Another reason why an individual might want to utilize social media marketing strategies results from the fact that doing so can make the communication process immediate and organic. For example, business owners can utilize a social media channel like Twitter to send tweets to her or his audience in a matter of seconds. The initial tweet can spark open-ended yet meaningful conversations about a wide range of topics.


Social Media Marketing Strategies

Once you recognize the multiple benefits that can result from using social media marketing strategies, it’s important to note that there are many techniques you can use to keep your business growing online. Some of them include:


  1. Twitter Polls.

Twitter polls are an incredibly effective way to build your brand online. The Twitter poll process involves the business owner coming up with questions that will be posed to her or his audience. The questions can pertain to directly to the brand, but they can also be about any topic that the business owner thinks the audience will find interesting or relevant. The audience will then answer the questions, and the business owner publishes these answers via Twitter. There are at least two reasons why this Twitter poll can help build the corporate leader’s business online. One is that the Twitter poll enables the business owner to see what other people are thinking about the brand. The Twitter poll also empowers corporate leaders to do meaningful research and use the results to make and market products more effectively.



  1. Facebook Contests.

Facebook contests are another social media marketing strategy that can be utilized to facilitate business growth. People tend to love contests because they involve free giveaways. Additionally, contests tap into the human proclivity to enjoy competing with others in order to demonstrate one’s own unique brand of efficacy or skill set. One particularly powerful type of Facebook contest is having your audience members put together a drawing that might eventually become your company’s new logo.



  1. Blogging.

Blogging is a uniquely powerful form of social media marketing because it involves the ongoing production of dynamic content. One big key to success with blogging is publishing regularly. Also note that making the blog posts as engaging as possible can help you generate more traffic while also precipitating conversion. The ongoing creation of Q & A style posts is a wonderful way to get your audience actively involved with your brand through your blog.




If you’re ready to rock in the ecommerce sector, know that implementing customized, cutting edge social media marketing techniques can help you realize the goal. Utilize the systems, strategies, and solutions outlined here to get on track to optimizing excellence and efficacy in the social media sector!

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Jennifer’s love for digital marketing started at a young age while managing blogs and social profiles for her family’s businesses. Since 2013 she has been working in the space professionally and holds a degree in marketing from the University of Maryland. One of her greatest pleasures is seeing our fulfillment team execute the strategies she outlines, and seeing the finished product.