As technology evolves time and time again, it is imperative to pay attention to the never ending changing trends when it comes to digital marketing. Even though some of these trends have been around for years, it is the matter in which these strategies are used which make them extremely popular at any given time.

1. Mobilization – At the top of the list for digital marketing strategies in 2018 is mobilization. This strategy is absolute key in our online world of today. In the current market it is imperative that your mobile marketing strategy is a top priority because almost everyone uses their phone for their online experience. One of the strategies in mobile marketing includes a texting option for your customers, maybe a newsletter or coupon campaign. Statistics show that a person is more likely to immediately read a text than an email. Think about it – which messaging app gets your immediate attention the most when signaled?

2. Content Marketing – If you are going to be online with your business then you should try and take advantage of all the marketing strategies the online world has to offer. When you put your business on the Internet, whether it is a brick or mortar store or strictly online, it is necessary to create content about your business. Another marketing strategy is the collection of positive reviews. If you are listed on Google and applied for a business account you can use this review process to your advantage. Believe it or not, a good review can help in your search engine optimization.

3. Video – Most people would rather watch a video or even better an interactive, live video! Customers enjoy the opportunity to participate rather than read an article shared by that same company. The trick is to be creative with valuable data that is interesting and informative and these combined attributes will keep your customer base returning for more of the same.

4. Influence – Social media influence is beginning to take on more and more power. Using social media influencers is a great tool for growing your business. Social influence is basically – good ole’ word of mouth. A customer is more receptive to a recommendation of a business or product from someone they feel they can trust.

Chatbots – A chatbot can make quite the impact when it comes to online digital marketing, both for you and your customer. A chatbot is an interactive artificial intelligence that can be used as a customer service or informational tool. Imagine, instead of searching for a product on a website, you simply dictate your search and the chatbot finds it, orders it and takes you directly to the “shopping cart” for a quick checkout. Cool, right?

These five digital marketing strategies will enhance your digital marketing approach and get you started off in the right direction. Review the above mentioned suggestions and if you are not already applying some of them, we urge you to start. Creating new strategies may just be the tipping point and fine tuning your business needs.

Senior Marketing Analyst
With over 4 years of digital marketing experience Summer has a wide aray of talents which she utilizes on a daily basis in order to help educate clients on all facets of digital marketing. In her free time Summer enjoys hiking, cooking, and surfing. At work she really enjoys annoying her boss, and her favorite season is Summer.