Let’s face it, if you run a dental practice, your business is the last place that most people want visit. About a quarter of the population will do anything they can to avoid having you help them. Not to mention, there are plenty of competitors to contend with as well. If you’re in the business of cleaning teeth, filling cavities or performing a tooth extraction, you have got to promote the positive aspect of your business to your clientele.

Fortunately, video marketing has escalated to the point where you can create highly effective videos to educate and inform your audience about topics relating to your dental practice. By creating a connection of trust between you and potential clients and educating your current patients, you can place yourself above the competition and grow your business.


Create Comfort With Video Presentations

Place yourself in the shoes of your clients or potential patients and answer questions that they may be thinking. There are many unknowns to deal with one a person visits the dentist. How much will the procedures cost? Will there be any pain involved? By taking away those unknowns and educating your audience, you can release some of that stress they may be holding and replace it with knowledge and comfort. A smiling face can do wonders in convincing someone to pay a visit and take away the fear factor of the unknown.

Digital marketing has evolved to the point where you can show people your personality and the message of your brand. Your business is focused on helping individuals take care of their teeth and gums. You can convey that message in a friendly way that shows why this is so important and why your staff is so passionate about lending help. What philosophy can you and your dental practice convey to your audience?


Building Relationships For Patient Retention

While finding new patients is an important aspect of any business, keeping current customers happy is necessary as well. An excellent way to retain patients is by offering educational videos. Is there a proper way to brush your teeth or a dental tool that can help keep comes gums from bleeding? You can get ideas for videos by typing in questions to Google to see what people are searching for. Can you recommend why a person should use sensitive toothpaste or a gum stimulator? People appreciate these type of videos that explain and inform. By providing answers, you become the authority in your niche. This also reemphasizes what may have been discussed during a patient’s visit to your practice. You can let them know that you have a video available about the subject so that they can watch it if they have any questions. This is a friendly and educational way to follow-up with your patients.


Video Ideas For Your Dental Practice

You’ll probably want to include a video that markets your practice. You can show your location, staff and relay a personal message. In addition, there are many other ways that you can communicate with your patients or individuals who are looking for a new dentist:

Your About Page: This type of video helps build trust between you and people who may become your customers. It doesn’t have to be long — a brief introduction and your philosophy will help break past those barriers of fear that some people have.

Testimonials: Do you have current patients who would be willing to answer a few questions on video? Use these clips to show how much current customers appreciate your service.

Oral Health: Videos like these will remind patients to stay active with proper techniques that will keep their oral health as good as possible.

Specific Procedures: Providing your patients with some mental preparation before they have their appointment can help relieve any stress that they may have. You can make videos that show the steps they will go through when they have a specific procedure done.


Measuring Your Reach

By producing and distributing different types of marketing videos, it will help strengthen your presence on the web. It’s always nice to have a goal of outranking your competition. When you optimize the videos that you create and the webpages where they reside, you have the opportunity to spread the message of your brand and drive targeted traffic to your site.

You want to be sure to track your visitors and understand how they are engaging with your content. This will help you understand areas that may be more interesting to your audience so that you can create content that focuses on specific topics. If you run a practice that’s located in between a few close cities, you can see where your customers are coming from and increase exposure when needed.


By incorporating a strategic lineup of video presentations for your brand, you should see an influx of new customers and increase the retention of patients you currently help.

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