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A business to business (B2B)platform is a type of transaction between businesses such as one involving manufacturer and wholesaler or wholesaler and retailer.” A business to business is a transaction between two companies rather than between one company and its customers.

B2B Customer Experience

Customer experience refers to the satisfaction gained from shopping. The customer experience is the satisfaction that a customer feels when they shop online. Customer experience is a key component in the sales and marketing of any business, as well as ecommerce websites.

It’s five to 25 times more costly to acquire a customer than it is to keep a current client.

Why customer experience is so important in B2B

In B2B, customers are also called business. For better service, you should consider the following characteristics:

  • Businesses are expected to buy large quantities of goods through the website. Every action should be seamless from the moment our customers click on the website to view the cart.
  • It is important to maintain a healthy relationship between two businesses. It is vital to qualify goods. In this instance, B2B sites, which provide convenience and insurance for customers, are also important.
  • B2B websites have one drawback. They are less customer-friendly than other ecommerce platforms (B2C and C2C). It is important for B2B websites to optimize their website to improve customer experience and maintain engagement to gain more customers.

How to improve customer experience

Tip #1: Acquisition

This section focuses on one thing: Speed.

Customers will be more satisfied shopping if they can browse websites quickly and navigate easily. Keep your website up-to-date so that your clients don’t lose patience and find another place to fulfill their needs.

Tips #2: Web navigation is the first performance that needs optimizing

Mywit ebay web navigation

Make it easy for the product to be found using web navigation. Customers are looking for products through search engines. All pages will display the search results.

It makes their lives easier if they can find the product or maltipulate it right from the menu bar.

B2B ecommerce stores are highly skilled in many areas. Web navigation must be clear to help customers find what they want. Layered navigation is highly recommended. It offers many renovative advantages such as multi-filter and ajax loading pages. If your website navigation does not show all of the products and services your business offers, it is likely to be a failure. Make sure you have a clear navigation bar so that consumers can easily find what they need and then make a purchase.

Magento 2 Layered Navigation

A complete product filtering system for your store 

Tips #3: Customer view from the inside – Product View

Image is more important than any other elements on the website. Therefore, improving product view not only improves customer experience but also helps website performance and SERP ranking.

Shopping experience in B2B is critical because of the volume of purchases. Image optimization is key to optimizing product image

  • Visuals should be focused and white space (or other colors), added to highlight the products.
  • Zoom in on the product page and zoom out to see credit. 
  • For customers to understand the functions of the product, here is a brief description.

Brand orientations must be adhered to on the product page and in the categories page. B2B ecommerce has its own specialty in one area (fashion, manufactures software, etc.). Therefore, the business listing for large amounts of buying should be linked.

For products that are cheaper, businesses should consider quickview to make a better comparison. This includes brief information and quick checking of the cart. The predetermined products can be downloaded as quickly as the customer desires. Shoppers don’t need to reload pages, or open multiple tabs during their journey.

Magentavintage.vn – Quick View

Quick View for Magento 2

Enhances the shopping experience and increases conversion rates 

Tips #4: Product customization is a place to make a difference

This is a feature that not many online shops or websites have achieved: product customization. Research has shown that regardless of how well a technology feature is digitized, businesses should still be able to see the connection between their customers and suppliers. In order to improve customer experience with ecommerce, it is important to customize products. This is a costly task.

You can customize solidsurface.com

Tips #5 – Cart addition – “Customer Is King”

Cart bridges the gap between shopping and buying. Cart adjustment is important in ecommerce. It should be easy for customers to verify the number and product character in a short time. Customers should also be able to easily adjust their cart without any additional loading pages.

B2B websites provide customers with insurance by allowing them to check their cart sizes, product variety, and the number of products they have. B2B websites also recommend the “call to price” button. This is because customers in business to business trading want such an offer to reduce their prices due to large quantities of buying compared to retail sales.

Cart page in ebay.com

If not, you should have room for related products to remind customers about the business’s values and intentions. This algorithm works well on your website. It matches customer demand and is a great score for customer experience.

For Magento 2, please call for price extension

Tip #6: Buy


Nowadays, most businesses are moving away from traditional paper checks to digital payments. To make it easier to check transactions with customers who are no longer with you and save both time and resources. Digital payment allows businesses to manage cash flow and can set due dates to ensure customers pay on time. Customers will have a long-lasting habit of buying from your website, and they can afford to pay more if it is convenient for them.

Some digital payment recommendations for B2B business: paypal, fundbox pay, quickbooks, due.


B2B shipping requires cooperation with logistics companies. Otherwise, your business might have to deal with difficulties in transferring large quantities of products to customers. Your customer should receive the goods they require on time.

Magento 2 Shipping Extensions

All extensions required to improve your shipping 

Tips #7: After sales, take care of your customers

These actions are mostly performed by the sales department. B2B businesses have a lot of customers and it’s sustainable. However, it is important to keep these precious connections by after-sales care. Discounts and promotions should be notified during shopping season depending on the business’ focus.

Tips #8: Do NOT Forget Relevant elements

Warehouse and Inventory: Keep track of inventory and products in the warehouse regularly. Also, update your website with the latest information. Never let your customer down by running out stock, even if it is for a brief time. Customers can find another business within a short time span.

Here are 8 tips to improve B2B buyer experience. We hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave your feedback below.

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