Attempting to attract mobile users is one of the biggest marketing trends of 2017, and it goes beyond just making a mobile-friendly website. More and more businesses are getting into the app game, and we’re not just talking about the big guys. Small and medium businesses, ranging from restaurants to doctor’s offices, are creating their own apps so that customers can do everything from shop to make appointments with their phones.
But just creating an app is not enough. You have to get consumers to use it. Increasing your app’s user acquisition should be a top priority if you want to make it a central part of your business model. If you are not sure where to start, these 8 tips will help:

1. Social Media
If your business is not using social media, you are further behind than you are if you aren’t trying to attract mobile customers. It’s free to sign up for an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and so on, and it’s free to advertise your app. Do so every time you update it or take time to point out its cool features occasionally.

2. Email
Email seems like a dinosaur these days, but it can still be an effective part of your app marketing strategy. Send your mailing list an email about the app, including a direct link to download it. Consider offering an exclusive promo to create interest.

3. Reviews
When you are deciding between apps in iTunes or Google Play, one of the first things you probably do is look at reviews. The more positive reviews an app has, the more appealing it looks to someone who is not familiar with it. If possible, encourage users to add a review for you at some point during use. Maybe after they make a purchase using it or after they complete a game level, depending on the type of app you offer. Again, you can even offer an incentive, such as a few bonus points on that game or a checkout promo code.

4. App Store Optimization
Another thing you probably look at when you go to choose an app is how it looks in the store. Think of it as your very own store front. Is your icon professional and attractive? Does the name of the app tell you what it is? Are you using the right keywords organically so that your app comes up in searches?

5. Encourage word of mouth.
Today’s users want to products they can trust, and one of the first places they turn to when they need a suggestion is their personal network. This group of people might include everyone from their grandma and their co-worker to the guy they follow on Twitter and their kindergarten BFF who lives across the country. Encourage your current users to spread the word with incentives to post on social media and refer friends.

6. Look for an influencer.
Another way to gain the trust of users is to gain the trust of an influencer. Depending on the type of app you have created, it can be anyone from a celebrity to a trusted member of your local community. For example, if you opened a small restaurant in your town and you want to encourage people to use your app to make reservations or order takeout, reach out to some local influencers, like fellow business owners and ask them to give it a try.

7. Engage.
Don’t just sit back and wait for users to come to you. Go to them. There are so many ridiculously easy ways to do this. Social media is the cheapest and fastest. Follow your followers back and take an interest in their lives. Offline, get involved with your community to show potential users what your company is all about. Online, branch out to use websites like Quora to build relationships.

8. Become an authority.
Many companies are ditching the salesy stuff and switching to education when it comes to finding ways to attract customers. This can work for your app, too. Find ways to give information to potential users and create a trust or bond through that information. For example, let’s say you have your own line of vegan cosmetics, and you want people to shop for them through your app. Put some skincare tutorials on YouTube, along with a direct link to download, or set-up a free pop-up makeover event in various communities. Publish content on your blog and social media pages about why it’s important to use vegan products. Do something to show users you are an expert in this arena.

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