If you’re not currently using videos in your marketing, you should be. According to Word Stream, videos have the best return-on-investment (ROI) of all the different types of content marketing, As many as 64% of shoppers will buy something after watching a video about it.

While talking-heads videos are usual on landing pages, you are not limited to this type of video. Using animated videos can often make your business stand out in a way that live-action footage can’t. Fortunately, you don’t even have to have animation skills. There are websites online that allow you to create animated videos using some basic building blocks. This includes avatars that you can customize for your purposes.

If you’re thinking about incorporating more animation into your marketing strategies, here are some reasons why you should.


Animated Videos Are Better Explainer Videos

According to a Techipedia, some concepts don’t lend themselves as well to live videos. For example, when you create a video that requires statistics, a point-and-shoot video featuring a speaker won’t be as useful as a video that includes graphics would be.

Additionally, animated videos allow you to use technical illustrations, a feature that can help you if you’re presenting some new technology. This feature of animation enables you to show the inner workings of a watch or a computer.

And if you sell a complex product, an animated video can indeed be your friend if you’re making an explainer video. Spotify’s explainer video counts as one example of effective use of animation to explain a new concept or product.


People Watch Videos Without Sound

Did you know that 85% of the videos are watched on Facebook with the sound off? That means that people are either getting meaning from the moving images plus subtitles.

This is where animation can offer you an advantage. Much of the time, especially with whiteboard animations, the text is included in the presentation. This makes animation a medium that aligns nicely with the media that consumers already use.

Additionally, author and researcher Linda Lohr points out in her book “Graphics for Learning and Performance,” that people learn more from words and graphics than from words alone. Your animated message, combined with the right word combinations, will linger in the viewers’ memories. This offers you a significant advantage come sale time.


Tapping Into Nostalgia

Effective advertising taps into the viewers’ emotions. Additionaly, animation often makes people feel nostalgic because it reminds them of their childhood. Animation creates feelings of nostalgia, which wards off feelings of depression and helps people to fight less-than-positive emotions.

It’s important to note that nostalgia isn’t memory per se. Instead, it’s a feeling or a yearning that people have for a time gone by. It’s nostalgia that makes people want to replicate some aspect of their past. The pursuit of nostalgic feelings can influence buyers’ behavior, something which marketers and advertisers can tap into by using animation in their marketing. The buyers’ good feelings can then be transferred to your product. As a result, this builds your brand and increase your sales.


Production Can Be Cheaper

Numerous animation programs exist that allows you to create animated videos on the cheap. Video cameras, memory cards, editing software, and other video production tools can run into the thousands.

That’s not necessarily the case with animation. A subscription to a site like Vyond, PowToon, or Video Scribe can run you under $40.00 a month (depending on your subscription). Also, it comes complete with animated templates, avatars that you can personalize, and props.

Many of these programs are also highly user-friendly, which means it won’t take you long to learn them. That can also be a strike against video production. If you’re not any good at it, you’re going to have to pay someone else to do it. That also can cost you thousands of dollars.

Granted, you’ll still have to do some pre-production and production work, like creating a video script and storyboards. Still, given the ROI you get from creating animated videos, it’s an inexpensive alternative to live-action video – a definite advantage when you’re on a budget.


Final Words on Animated Videos

Generally speaking, if you want to have higher conversion rates on your landing pages, it’s always helpful to have a video on that page. However, that video doesn’t have to be a high-production live-action feature. It can be a simple animated video, which can be more effective for marketing in some cases than a live-action video.

Animated videos allow you to explain difficult concepts to your audience, to tap into nostalgia, and to keep your production costs low, to name but a few of the advantages. Additionally, animation programs make creating videos for your website and social media easy and often inexpensive. These count as just a few of the reasons why you should consider making animated videos for your business.

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